Saturday, July 12, 2014


I am so happy to say that I got this week's homework--
this will have a couple buttons on it when finished after quilting!!!
this is for the Summer Spools quilt center block!!

And the Christmas tree is growing--
2 more paper sections are sewed together--
I have just 3 more paper pieces to do for the tree to be finished--
then we go back to the bottom of the tree and do a tree skirt!!!

And I did get this knitted--
baby bibs--I just love these--and they are quick and simple to knit--
these are for a receptionist in the oral dental office where I have been going!!!
Here is hoping you are having a 'sunny' happy week end!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Your center block is lovely...and the Christmas tree is rocking right along...

  2. My goodness girl - you are smokin'! I can['t wait to see the quilt with that center block. Is the Christmas tree you challenge piece for this month? I wanted to start a Santa Pattern last night, but the fabric I was hoping to use is all wrong. So I'll have to go to Plan B tomorrow! And we have sunflowers in our pots this year, compliments of the birds.

  3. Like that centre block and you Christmas tree is looking great.

  4. Well, I give you an A+ on your homework. It looks great and so does your tree.


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