Thursday, July 10, 2014


I have no idea---
Monday did start out great--
I did get the first 2 paper pieces figured out on the Christmas tree --
But then Tuesday got out of hand and so did Wednesday--
and now here it is Thursday afternoon and I still have not made it to the sewing machine!!!!

Last week on the Dental trip I did do some shopping--
went to Petsmart and got 3 bags of the new 'walnut' clumping kitty litter--

I do not like this product at all and do not feel it is safe for our kitties!!
it is very tiny and very 'sharp' pieces of shell, --and it feels like glass under your bare feet--
I do not wear shoes in the house--!!!
and I do worry about what it might do to kitties tummy and such as you know they are getting it into themselves when they clean their feet--and it tracks badly!!!
I did take back 2 of bags yesterday--and--
so I am back to the Yesterday's News pellets--

Now--let me add here--
that I did order online the walnut one in pellets--and I did like that--
but it cost me $5 in shipping for each bag--

and I have searched and can't find it in any stores!!!
this is my findings on these litters--
I can not use alot of the litters cause of the scents--
and can not use Pine pellets--
so it makes it hard and expensive for my kitty's potty!!!

And last week I did get a couple good bargains at Joanns--
I only paid half price for these 2 cones of cotton yarn--
only $7.50 per cone--and I have already knitted up 2 baby bibs with some--
and I got over 4 yards of white muslin for $1.50 yard and it is good quality too!!!

So I am still here --
just muddling along--
hugs, di and miss gracie
and to Wendy and Joyce--there is a gardening angel winging their way to your home as of today!!!


  1. I don't have kitties, but would not want them to have the shells either...a great deal on the thread and a super great deal on the muslin...thank you for the heads up on the Angel, will be looking forward to her arrival...

  2. Thanks Di. I will be checking my mailbox.
    I don't have any cats, but it sounds like you have to go through a lot to find the right stuff for Miss Gracie. Maybe someone will start carrying the stuff you like without having to order it. Do you think if you asked they would?
    What a great deal on the muslin! I got a bunch of coupons from JoAnns but didn't check to see what they were.Now I'm thinking maybe I should.
    Have a great weekend!


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