Friday, July 4, 2014


to make these--
little spools??????
Some times I think I need my head _________?????

These looked so simple--
but they are a bit fuzzy for me!!!!

My   goal  is do sew 25 spools a day for this week end--
so that I will be all caught up by Monday when we get the next step--
I am happy to say that I did get Thursdays goal done--
I just need to square them--
I have not gotten any stitched yet today--
This project got in the way---
the shawl--
I was knitting right along on this project--
then last evening it was time to start the lace rows that are at the bottom of the shawl--
oh my--
talk about froggin--
I did it again and again--
there is  339 stitches on this needle--
and I had to unknit 4 rows once--
and rows 1 & 2 a couple times--
finally--got it back to the last row of the body of the shawl and it was midnight--
went to bed--
and this morning--
I restarted the first row of the lace design--
and I got it in and it came out correctly--
soooooo!!!!!!!!!!! now I am--

And I do want to say--
Happy 4th of July--
from my house--
to yours!!

And I did see this cute steps on a house the other day on a walk--
Is this cute or what?????
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I'm sure you will whip up those spools in no time Di - if you stick to it and don't get distracted by your lovely knitting! Hope your weekend goes well!

  2. Hmmm lots of little spools there but they will look great when you get them sewn together...
    Oh no nothing worse than redoing your knitting.....

  3. I do love making those stools...very pretty colors you are working with!!

  4. I have been making spools by hand stitching, for a while now...these look really easy...


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