Thursday, August 7, 2014


on some things --
and maybe playing around with some other things!!!
In the playing around area--
as you might have read on my other blog site--
I plan to make this wall hanging this month--
but so far????????????
think it might be down to these 4--
yet--I really like that red with the circles in the right corner of this picture???

I have also spent the last two day blocking a couple knitting projects--
this shawl--it is made with silk and camel yarns--
hey--it goes well with the couch!!!!

and today this scarf is on the blocking boards--
and 'baby' it is a long one--
and this is the same yarn--just different color--
this pattern is called the drop stitch!!!

and I am still busy hand quilting on this--
I only have one more border to hand quilt--
so maybe by tonight it will be done!!!!

Soooo--what are you working on???
hugs, di and miss gracie
we have alot of pigeons that live on the roofs of the buildings downtown--
this one was not afraid of me, nor the camera!!

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  1. Cute quilt pattern! And I love your knitting pieces. Very pretty colors. I still have to find my polka dot fabrics.


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