Thursday, September 11, 2014


Finally I have some photos for you--
on where I am 'work' wise!!!
Another 'ufo' is all done and hanging up in pride outside my door!!!

This is where I am on a newly started fall counted cross stitch project--
I have had the pattern for a couple years now and had planned to stitch it last year!!!!

and this is the present hand quilting project that I am working on--
just wished that I had gotten to know more of the gals on this one--
but just the same--I pray for each of you, as I stitch around your names.

and mail call--
Some wool goodies from Shell at the Raspberry Rabbit--
doesn't she do a beautiful job of wrapping up the purchase!!
Thanks Shell--and the cuddle puddle bunch!!!!

And on this last Monday--
Yellow bird--I mean my friend Denise,
drove me to Sayre, PA for another Dentist appt--
we had a good time and I took lots of photos--
on the way down and back!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. what a lovely little wall hanging...your signature quilt is wonderful as well...hope all went well at the dentist...

  2. Cute wall hanging. I love your sky picture. We've been having some beautiful skies lately. I love it when the haze and humidity of summer leave. Hope you're about finished with the dentist routine!!

  3. Cute wall hanging and nice to have the signature quilt done.

  4. The wall hanging is so cute, Di and I just love the signature quilt. I would like to make one with all the family signatures on it. It would be a treasure to pass down from one generation to another.
    I hope you are doing well. Big hug!


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