Sunday, September 14, 2014


This is Sunday is my 3rd week--
got to say--
this weeks was a bit of a challenge--
so here goes--

1. Stripes-
This flag was flying from a large sail boat down on the pier last evening--
the only other thing that I found this week with stripes was my couch!!!!!

2. Packed--
Look how 'packed' my one living room wall is????
I like to get alot of my handwork displayed--so my walls are always busy!!!

3. Travel--

this is a photo of Hector Falls, NY--
I took this when blog friend, Sunny was up the end of May--
that is the only 'vacation' I have been on this year--
the funny thing about this falls is that I have passed this falls many, many, many times over the years--and it only looked like a small falls--but that day we parked on the bridge over the falls and got out of the car--I was surprised at how large it was and had alot of fun doing photos!!!

4.  Favorite--
Oh my--for favorite I had a really hard time--
I have lots in my photo files--
but I think this one of  'Odie' when he was baby is one of my favorites--
love how I did the quilt and props in this one and how he was climbing up on them!!!

5. Too Cute--
A doggy in the window!!!
I discovered this dog looking out a 3rd floor window in this building while on our walk yesterday afternoon with my Photo class--
he was just having soo much fun up there watching all the traffic!!!
Here is better picture of the buildings 2 upper floors--
the first floor is a Chinese Restaurant!!

Well-that's it for this week--
wonder what next weeks challenge will be???
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Great pics. You get the prize for the best Stripes photo.

  2. All the pictures were fantastic, Di. The one with Odie is my favorite. He is soo cute. I also loved the waterfalls. Just wondering--what happens if you can't find the objects?

  3. Great pictures this week! Love the water falls!

  4. Great choice for Stripes! And that waterfall looks vaguely familiar. How was your photography class this week?

  5. That's a beautiful building. Love the one of Odie...too cute!

  6. Great photo of the falls. Breath-taking!

  7. The doggy in the window is priceless! And so is the one of Odie. :)) Your living room wall makes me think you live in a comfy home.

  8. I could stand and look at your wall for hours.

  9. Nice job on the SH. You can go wrong with Old Glory's stripes.
    That waterfall is really pretty.
    It's neat that you have such personal touches on your walls to enjoy.
    Oh that little kitty is so sweet and cute.
    Fun shot of that dog watching everything from the window.


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