Saturday, September 6, 2014


And cars were in town yesterday--
for out Annual Vintage Road Racing days--
Watkins Glen is known for it's racing --
from Oct 1948 to today--
it is as old as me--
I was born in that year, too!!!
I spotted some on my walk on Thursday evening--
On Friday at noon they block off about 12 blocks of main street and run races and display the cars--
and one can walk up and down the main street--that is if you can get by all the people that are  in the street and on the sidewalks--

I really liked this car!!!
The color and the style!!!
cute plate!!!
And I love this car---
and I am on my way over to this shop in a few minutes for my first formal photography class!!!
Be sure to tune in tomorrow for another Scavenger Hunt Sunday--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Interesting to see all the cars Di and I guess it must be good for the local businesses too! Exciting to be doing a photography class - have fun and hope you learn lots. One day I'd love to do one as well.

  2. Great cars! how fun to be able to see them. I'm sure you don't appreciate the traffic, though. How was your photo class?


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