Saturday, October 4, 2014


Finally got me a photo of them to show you--
4 more Christmas gifts for the box!!!
And I am soo happy that I got these made along with the 4 pin cushions--
and have only had the fabric a couple months--
you know it goes--
we get something for a project--
but then all those 'other' projects rear there heads and shout to be finished--
so the new one gets lost in the pile--
not this time!!!!

I did finish knitting up the last 'boob' for now--and delivered them to the yarn shop--
think I did a dozen total of size DD and D;s--
now am on to knitting up mittens and hats for charity though the yarn shop--
and even got one pair of mittens make yesterday and a hat started--
so I am on a knitting roll here!!!!

See ya tomorrow--
hugs di and miss gracie


  1. You're really on a roll, girl! I thought I would get some crocheting done on vacation, but haven't had much time. Oh well, Christmas is two months away . . .


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