Sunday, October 26, 2014


this week--
but here is my 'pic's!!!

1. Paint--
A window painted for one of the races here at the Glen!!

2. Pumpkin--
Seen these pumpkins on someones steps on the way to Knitting class on Friday--
thought the red chili pepper on top of the larger one was a 'nice' touch!!!

3. Family--
This is my friend Anne--
this is her 97 year old mother--Marge!!
I love both of these women like 'family'!!

4. Looking cute--
how cute it this kitten at the yarn shop -- 2 years ago!!

5. Photographer's choice--
I loved this old bare tree--
and one day a friend took me so I could get some photos--
this was a couple years ago now--
and we drove by this spot last week--
I realized that the tree was totally gone now!!
so sad!!!

See ya next week--
have some fun this week -- but stay safe!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Love your tree! I have a similar story. I really loved an old dead tree that was leaning. Every time I drove by, I thought I should get a picture. ONe day I finally stopped and got a few pictures. I drove by again about a month later, and the tree was gone! Is that Gracie in the basket? Was she ever that small? LOL!

  2. The cat is 'looking cute!' It is great to have friends from several generations in the same family. I'm still wandering what the significance is with the red pepper on the pumpkin. :)

  3. Lovely friends.. Fabulous tree and a wonderful post Di..

  4. Di - you are never late, cause the party doesn't start till you get there! LOL Oh the little kitty is so cute. I don't have any kitties in my life right now so I enjoy seeing pics of them. And the tree is beautiful.

  5. Such a cute kitten! Your friends mom did not look like she wanted her picture taken. I do like the chili pepper on the pumpkin too.


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