Sunday, October 12, 2014


Oh my this is week #6 for me--
At least this gives me a place to share some of my photos--

1. Details--
Lots of detail in this old iron fence that is over a 100 years old--
and surrounds one of the oldest buildings here in town!!

2. Friends---
When I went out to do some photos the other night--
I seen these '2' friends coming back and snapped their picture--
and they both were so quick to pose!!

3. Above--
I was standing 'under' this tree and took a photo looking up into it--
It looks like small bird nests, in this tree too, if you look closely at it!!!???

4. New--
I had stopped at the Country shop here in town the other day to visit with a friend there--
and as I was walking through the store to go out the back door--
the large pumpkin just 'jumped' into my arms and as I turned around to go pay for it--
the second one 'jumped' up into my arms too--
so what is a girl suppose to do?????

5. Comfort--
Me--sitting in my rocker with a quilt over my legs and--
either another quilt to be working on--
a knitting project--
a good book to read --
in that lap!!!

Pray you all have a great week--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. I love iron fences, great shots!

  2. Hmmm...funny thing about those pumpkins coming home with you! Your friends look like a lot of fun, and you definitely look comfortable in your chair. Have a great week!

  3. Nice choices for the prompts.
    That fencing really does have great detail.
    The Friends shot is fun and just look at those trees in the background (a double treat)
    I did spot those bird nest in the tree branches.
    Yep those pumpkins are super cute and when they call our your name what else can you do but take them home.
    Looks like you really have a comfort-able place to enjoy reading and knitting.

  4. Great pictures, Di. I really love the ornate fence and old buildings.
    Sometimes I wish I were in the Victorian times with the beautiful long dresses, bonnets, and lace everywhere--only with electricity, running water and everything modern. LOL. Big hug!

  5. Great shots. The iron fence does have some unusual details. Your fabric pumpkins are adorable. Did you make them?

  6. I commented then remembered your explanation of the pumpkins. I was thinking about your quilting and thought you could easily make the pumpkins. :/

  7. Funny thing about pumpkins this time of the year how they seem to attach themselves to people. Love yours. Looks like you had a fun time snapping pictures. Love the fence and tree. Nola

  8. Ha! How lucky for you those pumpkins chose you to be their owner. And quilts truly are comforting, I agree. Very nice set of photos!

  9. Great friends shot and the pumpkins are so cute in their plaid. All your quilts look great too.

  10. Everyone should have friends like that! So quick to pose! They look like a lot of fun.


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