Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Down by the end of the lake--
It was a beautiful warm sunny day here--
so I grabbed the 'big' camera and went for my usual camera walk--
All the boats are in--
but flowers are still blooming and the bees are still out!!

And I did find this tree log--
and it might just look like a bare tree log--
but it really had some interesting stories to tell me--
there was several of these 'areas' to photograph--
and then these areas--
And now I am off to get my step stool and get the Christmas fabric tote down off the top shelf--
and maybe-- just maybe--I will have some sewing to show you really soon!!!!

Only '15' more days to Turkey day!!!
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Such a lovely walk. Thanks for taking us along. I'm just now getting my holiday fabric out, too.

  2. Hi Di. It was nice to get out and take a stroll with you on this lovely day. The flowers are soo pretty. I find old pieces of wood to be very fascinating, too. I am enjoying the warm days, but they say it will be really cold by this weekend.
    I hope you are doing well. If you have moved from where you were, would you please, please send me your new address? Thanks.
    Have a great week!

  3. Wow - the lake looks so different without any boats!! And you know I love your tree stump. How do you think all the little shells got in there? I think you'll be saying goodbye to your flowers soon. :-(


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