Saturday, December 6, 2014


Knitting Workshop--
I stopped off and bought me a new truck---
It is a 1953 Ford pickup F100--
and I get 'excellent' gas mileage!!!!

and this is what I knitted in the workshop today at the yarn shop--
Well-that is the top part--
needed help in reading the chart to do it--
been awhile since I used a chart--
I am one of those that just wants words to read--row by row!!!

and a package came today in the mail from Santa--
Now if someone would get around and decorate the tree and put the tree skirt down!!!
Miss Gracie where are you????
Bet she is taking "another" nap!!!
Hugs, di and that napping cat!!!


  1. oh I like your little knitted cute...........

  2. Cute little stocking! And now that you have a truck, you have no excuse for not coming for a visit. LOL!

  3. Yes it is a cute little stocking Di...
    I"ll hope in the truck with you to visit Sunny....

  4. Of course you need a red truck for Christmas!
    Cute stocking :-)


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