Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I know I had set  my goal over on the other site--
to have all my Christmas decorating done by Sunday evening--
that did not happen--
but I am steadily working on it--
A couple Christmas quilts got hung up--
the big tree is finished--
and two smaller trees are finished--
this one is by my rocker--
and there is a Christmas quilt on a rack behind it--
this one has mostly small teddy bears on it--
and clear lights--
the all white one is on the dry sink as you come in the door--
and has alot of red things on it--along with red wood bead garland!!
the wool Nativity seems to like where it is now--and so do I--
as I can see it well from my rocker--
along with the new Santa wall hanging hanging on the door to the china cabinet!!!!
Another quilt and the stocking are up!!
and another Christmas gift has arrived and is on the chair with Annie!!!

This morning I did get the sewing room cleaned and alot of stuff put away--
(we won't tell you that my large walk in closet will need a really good cleaning and reorganizing after the holidays--though--ok???????)
So I am not done yet--but--
I hope to be by bedtime tonight????????
Is your decorating done????
Hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. your decorating looks great.............some is one here but not finished..........I will finish it off in the morning...........lounge room is done.........need to tidy and dust the dining room an do there................then we will be done.............

  2. I wish I could come see it all in person! Looks lovely. We don't do much decorating, so yes, I guess it's done. I mailed your package today - you should have it by the end of the week. Do not open until Christmas!

  3. Everything looks very pretty and festive, Di. You did a great job. I have finished all that I am going to do.I decorated some in the kitchen and living room. I also did some outside, but my wreath and garland keeps blowing down. It has been very windy. Maybe I need to tack it down more.

  4. WOW, you have been a busy girl.

  5. Very festive my dear! yes finished decorating and have already had our Christmas gathering. now to finish sewing and shopping! Our cards and mailed gifts may be late. Doing the best I can. Is what it is ..it is the thought that counts as they say! ;-) Baking yesterday and today along with house chores I had on hold! xo


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