Sunday, January 4, 2015


That kinda describes this week--
so far!!
at first I got off to a good start--
but then--
some health issues have popped up--
and I slowed down--
but am still working steady but slowly--
today I got '2' of my "sal's" started--
well--traced off any ways--
first is--
the kitchen project by Jenny--
am going to do this months stitchery on a towel--
and will be stitching it in the red--

and I got this one traced off--
the saying to Shell's felt/wool project for January--

I am still steadily working on hand quilting my red snowmen/truck quilt--
the 12 blocks in the center are done--
ready to do the border!!

and here is what I am thinking about how to use the cat fabric that Sunny sent me for Christmas--
I really don't like that stripped fabric that I have had up there--
I would need to use a false hemming for top and bottom on this--but that works!!
so what do you think?????
this will be over my cutting counter!!

Today it is raining and in the mid 50's--
but will go to only 25 tonight and that is the high for tomorrow--ouch!!!
with much colder weather during the week--
so --
good stitching weather!!

Smiles, di and miss gracie


  1. Your weather sounds similar to ours. Warm and rainy today, and it's supposed to get very cold starting tomorrow. Good sewing weather, don't you think? Hope your health issues are quickly resolved. I'm working on projects with blue scraps today. I have tooooo many scraps.

  2. Since I am a cat person I think the cat fabric would make a great valance.

  3. Hope you will soon be feeling better. Love the cat fabric. I need to get busy and make Temecla's quilt.


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