Saturday, January 17, 2015


First cause the internet is up to speed today--
it must of been 'cold' yesterday as I could not get it to do anything,
but 'freeze' up on me!!

And I get to share what was in here--
First there was another box inside this one--
Then I found this-
a really pretty angel calendar--
and it later got hung up here--
so now I got to use the calendar holder that Sunny brought me last year to actually hold a calendar!!!
so thanks Lola and Sunny!!
Then I found this-
a beautiful Christmas hat box--
and in taking off the cover--
I found a good book to read!!
a pretty envelope was next--
a pretty snowman card inside it--
and under the card was some pretty red issue wrapped gifts-

Oh my what beautiful cat magnets--
and now they have a new home--
they will guard the refrigerator for me!!!
Now we are talking--
some pretty new fabrics-
then we unwrapped a snowman ornament--
and looky what was in the bottom of the hat box--
lots an lots of homemake goodies--
and every time miss gracie sees me come from the kitchen she is having a 'hissy' fit--
cause Mom has another 'sweet' in her mouth!!!!!
What delicious gifts, Lola--thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Still bitter cold here--
but my quilts are keeping me warm--
and doing all kinds of stitching or knitting is keeping my hands warm!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. Holy Cow! What an awesome package. That calendar hanger is very cute, but I have to fess up and say I don't think it came from me. I wish it had, though.

  2. Lucky you what a great package to get on a cold day.

  3. Wow! That was sure to warm the heart on a winters day. The cat magnets are too cute. Your friend knows you well.


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