Friday, January 2, 2015


Have you been busy stitching already???
or are you still taking down decorations and organizing???

I did get this little quilt top finished by the end of  2014--
though when going back over the files of the Temecula posts for these blocks and how she finished her's--I realized that she had put lattice strips between each block--oppppps!!!!
too late now--
and at this point I also have this partly hand quilted!!!!

I had also boughten myself a 'new' little friend right before Chmas and forgot to show you--
this very soft furry polar bear walked home with me the last time I was in the Country shop overtown!!!
along with--
this little red box!!!????
and look what was--WAS-- inside the little red box--yummmmmmm!!!

And remember the gift pile from Anne-lise that I got--
I did not realize that the buttons had beautiful birds painted on them--
and that there was another kind of button in the package as well--
these 2 lovely lovely wood angel buttons--
thanks again --Anne-Lise!!
a nice after surprise!!!

It is cold and damp here today as it has been snowing--
not alot--but it does look pretty outside!!!
Smiles, di and miss gracie


  1. The quilt is beautiful....I love red and white! I haven't put things away yet, just enjoying the week! Love all of your pretty gifts! Happy New year! Hugs, Diane

  2. I think if I'd seen that fuzzy little polar bear, I might have allowed him to follow me home, too. Very cute. Your red and white quilt turned out nice. Don't you just love finding surprises you didn't even know you had?

  3. Lovely little quilt Di and nice to squeeze the finish in to 2014 :-) Family left today so we are almost back to a normal quiet life now! The little bear is cute - I probably couldn't've resisted him either. Lucky you with the gorgeous buttons!

  4. Cute little quilt. Red and White quilts are my favorite.


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