Monday, January 26, 2015


 Ok--I will join all of you doing the monthly color challenge--
and as this month is blue--I am extra happy as I have been wanting to do something with all my blue stash for awhile--
here is the first set of 4 blocks--these will have the same white centers each month--
with whatever the color is--
here I tried to group my blues by darkest for one block to lightest for the last block--
I do not have a scrap bag--most of what I have are at least fat quarter size--
so first I had to cut 2 1/2" strips--
but I did not just cut one 2 1/2" square of each color--
I kept cutting up each strip into 2 1/2" squares--
then I just sewed some randomly together--
and made these 4 blocks--
what will I do with these--hummmmmm????
good question??????

And I got the first block of Val Lairds new bom finished-

and I took a fun break Saturday evening and Sunday morning and did a puzzle--
and yep--there was one piece missing--!!!!

It is snowing here today--
but they say will be only be getting 1-3 inches--
we have about 2 of them so far!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. Nice blue blocks, just add a few more and make placemats like our friend Sunny did...
    Lovely new BOM stitchery.
    Oh don't you hate that when there is a piece missing from a puzzle!

  2. Way to go with the blues. I haven't started Val's project yet, although I did pull the fabric. As soon as I get home from warm, sunny Florida. LOL!


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