Saturday, January 24, 2015


Last week go--
all day Friday I kept thinking where did--
Tues, Wed, and Thurs--go????
I mean like I can't even remember what I did those days--
I know I did not sleep though them--sooo???

None the less I really have been keeping busy--
I did get Shell's project for January finished and framed--
though I do do my stitching and puttin together a bit different--
and pleasssse don't tell anyone--but somehow I forgot to add the beads and a button!!!
Bad me!!!
and I did use blue background instead of the golden one--
as I have yellow painted walls!!

and one day I did alot of tracing off of designs for embroidery work and I needed  some
iron on interfacing and Yesterday I finally got overtown to purchase some--
but look what else I found in my bag when I got home?????
I love the little chick pulling the wagon in this one--
I am only disappointed that the pattern needs to be enlarged by 200% first!!!

and a couple pressies got made--
can't show you all of the top one until it has gotten to it's new owner!!!

Just have 2 more blocks to make on 2 different bom's and my list for finishes of bom's for January will be done--
and I have been working steady on a couple other projects--
but ----

smiles, diandmissgracie


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