Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Of small stitchings that need finishing--
You know--
we all have them--
First up is this one--
Got this little embroidery design at my local quilt shop--
years ago--lil sister lived here then
 and she got her's done right off--
I only got mine stitched this last year or so--
and then it sat--

and here it is with about 10 minutes worth of work--
even used some ribbon that came around another fabric bundle that has the quilt shop name on it!!!

a mouse counted cross stitch-
again been shuffled around for a couple years!!!
again--less than 10 minutes and now a finish---

These 4 blocks are new this year--
and I am happy to say are now into a finished top--

And I have some more near finishes--
so stayed tuned for future finished projects!!!

And if you did the January challenge over on the workbasket site--
I need to know--I want to get the winner's package out in the mail on Monday--

that is if we don't all 'freeze' up this weekend with the very very cold we are suppose to be getting!!!!

Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. This cold snowy weather has been good for you! Lots of time to stitch. Keep up the good work.

  2. U be the stitching queen bee! I still working on stuff round here. Dining room is no longer a storage unit! Have rugs to wash and will be caught up on wash. Still have bedroom closet and wardrobe to go through yet. Big job!!

  3. That mouse is adorable!! As usual you have been busy :-)
    Stay warm.


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