Friday, February 27, 2015


I received a nice surprise in the mail --
Some pretty yarn for hats,
some Christmas tags--
and a cute pattern--
with the fabric pack to go with it--
and a cute homemade card!!!
All from friend Sunny--
and she helped to bring some 'sunshine' into my day--
thanks Sunny!!!

and maybe-- just maybe, today will be our last really cold day--
though the sunshine here today is soooo bright that one thinks it's warm out there--
instead of just 18 degrees!!!

and I found "50 shades of grey" on here earlier today--
Smiles, diandmissgracie
PS wonder where everyone is going--
they do look like a happy bunch, don't they???

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


My heart is heavier today--
as my friend, Anne's, mom left this earth
yesterday morning--
Marge would of been 98 years young on March 19th of this year!!
And Marge lived here as one of my neighbors for about 7 years--
She was always smiling and happy and did 95% of her own upkeep--
May we all live as she did!!!

Love you Marge--diandmissgracie

Monday, February 23, 2015


even if spring has not sprung yet--
we 'quilters' can enjoy a bit of it with out fabric and threads--
I got the next block in the mystery bom stitched--
so now 2 blocks are done--
this is a wool project by Buttermilk Basin--
I am going to add a button to each one--
the lamb will have a star button in it and
I think a reg button on the flower pot band--
or maybe a bee button near the flower head????

and here is some photos of winter--
first one is from my bedroom window this morning--
love how the sun is shinning off the big icicle!!
and the next ones are someone else's of the lake--
her name is Liz F--
I took many of these photos in this same spot--
only you seen boats here--
very cold and icy --right?????

Still very cold here and to be cold they say rest of the week--
Cause spring is coming--somewhere's!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Friday, February 20, 2015


Bitter cold day here--Again!!!
but I did get another bom done--
and I did get these 4 blocks done--
I did the embroidery and then decided to cut some 2 1/2"squares of my red stash--
(which I have decided that if it ever gets warm enough for me to go overtown again--
I need to add some more reds to that stash!!!)
but now I am not sure where to go with this project--
may just put them away until next year--as I can't decide whether to make a small wall hanging or --
to do up 4 gifts with them!!!??????

and this morning I did start the hand quilting on this quilt-
I am using the 1/4" tape to mark for the hand quilting lines--
this is a good sized quilt and I should of been working on it all of Jan and Feb--
instead of doing counted cross stitch--!!!!!

Hope you are doing something--anything to keep warm--

or cool, depending on where you live, of course!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


First I have not gotten a
lot done in the sewing field--
but do have a couple things on the work table--
I did plan to take the week end off and work on a much 'put off' project--
we all have them, don't we--
mine was putting photo albums together--
did finally spend some time and got them sorted--

Two of my dear friends need prayers--
first is Anne--
you know my Quilting friend who comes every Tues morning to stitch--
if you remember her, Mom, Marge has lived here for awhile now--
but she is in the hospital at this time and is not doing well at all--
she is 97 yrs young--so please pray for Anne and her family--

And remember the dear friend,  Denise, who took me to all those dentist appts last year--
her husband died suddenly yesterday morning!!
He has been ill for a couple years now with a disease,
but, they didn't feel that he had gotten so ill as to die so suddenly!!
So if you will keep Denise in your prayers--

and then there is me--
am under the weather a bit--
and if this weather doesn't get warm soon--
I will just be a  roly-poly person--
cause all I want to do is 'eat'!!!!
smiles from cold--diandmissgracie

Saturday, February 14, 2015


It is 'heart' day-
and this is what some of us are seeing--
and because we have already seen enough of this we are seeing--

Happy Valentines day to you and may all who live in  the cold and snow today--
be warm with love from family and friends--
or some good chocolate will work too!!!
hugs, diandmissgracie

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


when Anne and I went out to lunch yesterday--
and I had to come home and play around--
She took an envelope and placed a large lace heart part way inside it--
I only had small lace hearts so I put 4 inside--3 white ones and 1 red one--
then I had some old old valentine cards and found this one and added it to the front--
along with some heart stickers--
and I made me one, too!!!
this was my gift from Anne--
and in the background is 4 hearts that I have embroidered--
think I planned out last night how I am going to finish them--
my order for 'thinking of you' cards came in the mail yesterday from the Current co--
so I got lots of pretties to mail to people now!!!
Smiles and laughter--diandmissgracie

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Got my Valentine swap gift in the mail yesterday--
Love the stitching on this mat--
and who doesn't love chocolate???
and we had to do something with our swap persons initial on it--
so mine came with my initial done in the corner--
how sweet--
my gifts came from Danette @
and my gifts went to Kim @
and on her site is the gifts I sent to Kim!!
Thank you Dory for organizing this swap!

Also got an order in the mail--
I like the large spools of thread from Connecting Threads co--
and with a $50 order you get free shipping--
the thread doesn't add up to much--
so I had fun shopping to make it so I didn't have to pay for shipping--
Got me 2 books at 40% off that I have wanted for a very long time--
and one has to--yep--has to order some fabric too--right????

and Lola won this months snowmen heart--
it seems Lola has at least '9' Feb birthdays in her family--

and today a few packages (and some cards for out of the country)
went to the post office--the heart is on it's way to Lola with a surprise!!!

Smiles, diandmissgracie

Monday, February 9, 2015


Yep--got my '2' snowmen made--
and one of them needs a new home!!!
So do you have a February Birthday????
two dates that I am looking for are--
Feb 14th--this was the day my parents had planned to get married in 1945--
but--their blood work was not back in time--
so they married on Feb 21st--

so do you have a birthday in Feb ==
let me know!!!

and I got an order in from Missouri Star quilt co--
they had the charm pack on sale for $1.50--
and in the cart also from another shopping spree that I did not finish was the bunny scissors for $1.50 and the Easter book for $4.95--
and so now I have '3' animal scissors--
a bunny, a bear, and a cat--
now I want to know--
Why am I 'collecting' these??????
Smiles, diandmissgracie
Mom--please--you know how I 'hate' having my picture taken!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

IN TO THE 'W'---

I bet you are thinking I am going to say--

into the wine--
well--I am whinning that is for sure--
about this cold and snow and now they are saying more is on the way!!!!!!!
but I am talking about this --
I got another bom done--
and it is all done in wool--
I do so love working in wool--
this is the first block for the Buttermilk Basin's 'Mystery' bom--
and as it had a lamb on it--guess who has to do it?????

and here is a "laugh" for the week end--
My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what you start!!!
Sooo--far I've finished 2 bags of M&M's and a chocolate cake--
I feel better already!!!!

Just us--diandmissgracie

Thursday, February 5, 2015


-----so it is happy dance time--
Debra had a give away--
and I won it--
it came in the mail yesterday--
What do you think is in this package???
a cute note and a snowflake package---
and in the package is-- a really cute snowman mat--
what a delightful winning I received--
Thank you so very much
And the paper snowflake has a new home--
In the window--

and I got 2 of February's "bom's done"--
first is --

From the Quiltdoodledesigns blog site
I actually used a corner from a crocheted edge hankie--
loved working on this months design--
got the apron embroidered onto a blue dish towel--

and this is Jenny's design for this month---
So I have been busy--
what about you?????

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