Tuesday, February 17, 2015


First I have not gotten a
lot done in the sewing field--
but do have a couple things on the work table--
I did plan to take the week end off and work on a much 'put off' project--
we all have them, don't we--
mine was putting photo albums together--
did finally spend some time and got them sorted--

Two of my dear friends need prayers--
first is Anne--
you know my Quilting friend who comes every Tues morning to stitch--
if you remember her, Mom, Marge has lived here for awhile now--
but she is in the hospital at this time and is not doing well at all--
she is 97 yrs young--so please pray for Anne and her family--

And remember the dear friend,  Denise, who took me to all those dentist appts last year--
her husband died suddenly yesterday morning!!
He has been ill for a couple years now with a disease,
but, they didn't feel that he had gotten so ill as to die so suddenly!!
So if you will keep Denise in your prayers--

and then there is me--
am under the weather a bit--
and if this weather doesn't get warm soon--
I will just be a  roly-poly person--
cause all I want to do is 'eat'!!!!
smiles from cold--diandmissgracie


  1. Here's a whole armload of hugs for you, Anne, and Denise! That's a lot to deal with. And this weather isn't helping to spread any sunshine, is it? Take care of yourself, and do what you can for Anne.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this....I'll keep you all in my prayers. Take care of yourself sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  3. Prayers and good wishes are always heading your way. Extra ones for Anne and Denise!!! Glad you got your photos sorted. I really need to do that too. It is fun to go through all those old pictures.
    Feel better!

  4. Sorry for your friends. You take care and feel better soon! Thanks so much for the sweet pressie!! Cute pilla and love the towel! Would you believe we have film that needs to be sent off to develop! Of course you do knowing air head me...;-)
    Hugs and prays for all!

  5. My thoughts are with your friends and also with you too Di. Stay warm too. Hugs.

  6. Thinking of your friends. And hoping you feel better soon - spring will soon be on its way.

  7. Thinking of you and your friends. And sending hugs for comfort.


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