Monday, February 2, 2015


for us to unwrap--
Pretty paper--
Late is better than never--right miss gracie--
I wonder if I can get me some chocolate at Petsmart!!!!:=)

This looks like a neat puzzle--have to measure the tables to see if one is long enough!!!
Pretty cute fabric--I think 'others' think I like cats!!!
You got that right--at least cat fabric!!!!
What pretty tissue paper--
and some really pretty fabrics in the pretty tissue paper!!!

note paper--does one ever have enough!!!
And here is my favorite in the box--
a tiny mouse--
look at those safety pin ice skates--how cute and there is a red ruby stone on the toe of each foot!!!
and in the bottom of the box was fabric pieces mostly for my friend Anne and her baby quilts--
but I did find a couple treasures for myself--
So a big thanks out to Alice for all the lovely goodies--
but Alice--thinks the post man ate the Chocolate--couldn't find any!!!!!!!!:+)
Smiles, diandmissgracie

PS---be sure to read my challenge for February over on my other blogsite--
Di's workbasket--upper left hand corner!!


  1. My goodness girl, you sure know how to stretch your Christmas fun! Great gifts for both you and Miss Gracie.

  2. Lucky girls! The mouse is adorable - tell ms Gracie to keep her paws off :-)

  3. Well look at you getting spoiled rotten....;-)


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