Wednesday, February 11, 2015


when Anne and I went out to lunch yesterday--
and I had to come home and play around--
She took an envelope and placed a large lace heart part way inside it--
I only had small lace hearts so I put 4 inside--3 white ones and 1 red one--
then I had some old old valentine cards and found this one and added it to the front--
along with some heart stickers--
and I made me one, too!!!
this was my gift from Anne--
and in the background is 4 hearts that I have embroidered--
think I planned out last night how I am going to finish them--
my order for 'thinking of you' cards came in the mail yesterday from the Current co--
so I got lots of pretties to mail to people now!!!
Smiles and laughter--diandmissgracie


  1. Your Valentine's envelope is sooo pretty! And Dave and I both laughed out loud at How to Wash a Cat. Thanks for the laugh!!

  2. Hehe thanks for the laugh - I can just imagine it! Your Valentine's crafting is gorgeous too :-)

  3. How pretty! I love it and you have some beautiful cards. I remember ordering these years ago. You always got something free. LOVE the cat directions! Read them out loud to hubby and we had a laugh. I mentioned you on my blog this morning! Hope you can stop by and visit! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. how pretty Di and a great idea xx


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