Saturday, April 4, 2015


Got to do a walk outside and around town--
Went over to the quilt shop for some quilting thread and took the long way back--
and went down to the docks and the end of lake--
This picture sure does look different from in the summer and fall photos!!!
Look at those clouds????
and what is this 'white' stuff???
still some snow that is not all melted--
even with 2 days of 65 degree temps on it!!!
and they are putting in all new docks for the boats--
and I can not get over how clear and clean the water looks compared to in the summer time!!!
Hope you enjoy these photos, Sunny???
This fellow arrives tomorrow--
are you ready???
smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. LOL! You know I love looking at your lake and the docks. Sure looks funny without all the boats! And you still have ice? Ours is long gone. I bet it felt great to be outdoors and moving around a little after the long winter. Soon (?) we'll be seeing flower pictures from your daily walks.

  2. so pleased you got to enjoy a walk outside.............the area is snow still there............

  3. What cool pictures! Glad you got to get out and stroll around. Too bad we can't ship all of that snow to California to help with the draught!
    Happy Easter.


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