Thursday, May 14, 2015


I really missed Florida even before getting on the plane to come back home--
and my 'pain' must of missed me too--
cause it is back ==big time hurting body is back!!!
What is sooo weird--
or what is really great is--
I had no pain whatsoever while in Florida--
and I was up early and moving all day--
crazy really!!!!!
This is my daughters screened porch--
I loved this porch and wanted to bring it home with me!!!!

I got there on a Monday afternoon--
and we took a long drive on the way back to her place--
stopping for lunch at his place--

 Here we shared a black bean and rice dish--was very good!!

On Tuesday--
we went to Walmart for a few things and DD bought a new set of pots and pans--
and then we went back to her place and tried them out--
she feel in  love with them--they are new ones with the white ceramic coated ones!!!

Wednesday was my birthday--
but it was a quite one--

we drove around a park and went out to lunch--
and both days we looked at Senior places for me to live at--

On Thursday we went to the beach--
well--for me to see and smell and to take some photos--

and in the evening we went to really pretty theater and seen the movie-
The Age of Adeline--very good--

On Friday we  went to Old Melbourne--
it is where the town actually started years ago--
It is neat place to have lunch and wander around--
lots of little colorful shops--

and a homemade candy shoppe--yummmm!!!

and we will continue tomorrow--


  1. Glad to see you home safe and sound, and that you had a good time. Ohh, you're thinking of moving there? Hope your back comes right soon :-)

  2. I'm so glad you had such a good trip! You better let me know if you're moving there, so I can come visit in NY one last time. :-)

  3. Glad you had a good time and a break from the aches. Love all the pictures of sunshine!!!

  4. So glad you had such a lovely visit with your daughter and that your health was good. Sounds like living in Florida might be good for your health. Sorry you are hurting now. Take care. Nola

  5. Nice climate in Florida and lovely company with your daughter; all together makes you feel better! Happy Sewing back home and wishing you good heath :-)

  6. I lived in Melbourne Beach once. You will love the area. My husband use to say nothing hurt in Florida for him too! That's why we are moving back.


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