Saturday, May 16, 2015


But first the 'plus'--
I have finally hit the 10,000 mark--
no--not steps per day--
but on photos taken on the big boy camera--

after this mornings outing and photos-- the count is--
10,050 photos taken--it started over once it hit the 10,000 mark--
and that doesn't count all the photos I have taken with the small hand held camera!!!!
this Canon camera is 4 years old now!!

OK--where did we leave off????

On Friday evening, DS took me and his sister out to eat--
they started off with Lobster salads--these where on huge plates and lots of salad--
though they don't look as big in this photo--
I had rice and shrimp and tried a new kind of noodle to me--thai-something???
the lights  where really neat and different!!

I was able to take my 2 kids to the Zoo--
I was never able to do this with them when they were growing up--
so it felt good to do this and we did have a great morning there--
though this Zoo is a very busy crowded one!!!

and on the way out the ramp to see the larger animals--
I seen this cage--

and loved this tub--
when we came back through--
I discovered this was who lived here--
and that there was not just one of this huge snakes,
but two of them that lived here--
one male and one female--
so you know what means?????????????????

On Sunday Mother's day--
my daughter took me to a pretty garden center--
I want this blue planter!!!!

Then we went here for lunch--
Had a wonder Seafood lunch--
then we went across the street to the movies--
again and seen--Hot Pursuit--
loved the movie!!!!
and back to her place--
later in the evening, DS came over and we had pizza!!

and the next morning we had to get up at 4am --to get to the airport at 6am--
for me to come home--
and here I am--
but me and the big camera have been doing lots of photo shoots--
so more great photos to come!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie
Ps these are all over down there-but don't hurt you--
they are more afraid of you--than you are of them!!!


  1. OK, now I know you went to Florida because you have a picture of a lizard. They used to come inside to visit! Lobster salad sounds awesome and that train in the middle of the garden makes me jealous.
    It all looks fun!

  2. I'm so glad you got to do so much and spend some quality time with your kids!! Do they both live in the same town? Congrats on so many pictures. I'll have to check to see how many are on my camera.

  3. WOW thats a lot of photos but it is great to see what you did on your holiday..

  4. I was wondering how you and your camera were getting along - Just fine, I see. So...that is one wonderful adventure! I'm so happy for you. I've never seen lobster salads before - and certainly wouldn't expect them to look like that! Yummy!


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