Thursday, June 4, 2015


I went online this morning to order some more 8x10 mats
 for some of the photos I want to print out--
I mean I have a zillion photos to pick from
 and I think it is about time that I did something with some of them--
But I forgot how much this company charges for shipping!!!!
that amount almost comes to the same price as the 30 mats I want--
I could order 50 mats though and get free shipping for them???
but will I use 50 mats?????
Then again--
I did just sell my first matted photo this morning-soooo???????


  1. Way to go!! S&H costs often stop me from buying things. If I find something on Amazon, I ask DH to order it for me, because he has Prime, and gets free shipping on anything.

  2. Good decision! Remember that when you need to order the next 50!


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