Friday, July 31, 2015


I am sooooo happy today--
I got one of my large quilts finished--
totally finished--
this big girl is totally finished--
hand quilted and all--
even the binding is all sewn on it--
that alone took me 2 1/2 hours to stitch on !!
I did not keep track of the amount of hours this took to hand quilt--
just know that it took hours and hours!!!!!

Smiles, diandmissgracie

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


my friend Anne did with some blocks I gave her--
the 2 house blocks are from a long time ago--
I really don't even remember giving them to her-
but recognized the fabrics--
the flower wreath block was for another quilt that I had started--
and all the rest of  the blocks where a 'bom' that once again had started and not finished--
I had no idea what to do with them so gave them to Anne last week-
and today she showed up with this--
I just love it!!!
And here is another one of her quilts--
she loves to just put blocks together--
great job, Anne--
for lunch today after a morning of stitching we went through Arbys drive-thu and got
some sandwiches and went to the other end of out lake and ate-
and here is some photos from the point--
this area park is large and has a swimming beach area with it--
and I just love this old tree that borders the swimming area--
It has turned off really hot and humid here this afternoon--
so be cool --
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Saturday, July 25, 2015


My measuring tapes have been 'lost' for while now--
had fun trying to measure my quilts here a week or so ago---
looked everywhere for them--

Then yesterday I decided to look for my silver marking pencils that I like for tracing my quilt
stencils onto the quilts with--as I wanted to be sure I had a nice stash of those before I move--
I was sure I had 5 or so yet--but could only find one plus the one I was using--
so yesterday I walked over to the quilt shop to get more--they were out so I ordered 6--
and this pretty flower arrangement was on their back table--
this morning as I was waking up--
the ole light bulb lit up!!!!
there is a drawer in the sewing table--
wonder if that is where my pencils are???
jumped out of bed and opened it and sure enough there they were --
along with the measuring tapes and some other sewing goodies!!!
so I walked back over to the quilt shop to cancel the order--
I think 6 of those pencils is enough for now!!!
I did leave the drawer open a bit so that I remember to clean it out--
so that if I don't move that table to FL with me--at least I will have my sewing supplies!!!
Have a great rest of the week end--
smiles, diandmissgracie

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I did have to go over to the Quilt shoppe yesterday--
so I snapped a couple photos for you--
Love the colors in this quilt--
wool projects--
more in that room--
I really do love working with wool-the real wool--not the felted wool stuff--
though there is projects I have seen in that I like--
the only problem with the real wool is the cost!!!!

remember my story about my 'flower guy' who was arrested for meth--
well--they did decide that he was not making any meth at the flower house--
and he is out of jail--
the other night when I walked by his place and taking photos --
he was  in the trunk of his car--he was trying to fix a tail light--
so we talked a bit--
I told him I would miss his gardens as I was working on moving to FL--
and he said the thought he was moving anyways and would be digging up his garden to take
it with him--
I did not let on that I knew of his 'troubles'--
but later wondered if that a bit like 'lying'--??????
I will miss his gardening that is for sure.
Found this one on his porch last night--
Does anyone know what it is???
loved it--


Wouldn't you like to go shopping in this room of old treasures????

Saturday, July 18, 2015


It is cat time--
On my walk last night--
these 'cats' where sighted--
a pretty yellow tiger one hiding from me under this truck--
a black one with a white spot under his chin on a sidewalk--
Have to look closely for this one--it is so dark colored--
this one might be a relative to Miss Gracie!!
and this must be the other ones twin--seeing her sitting on the hood of the car???
another yellow tiger--!!
and then this guy--
wonder what is down there???
this was one friendly cat!!!

I went for a walk around town on Wednesday evening to try out the camera after getting it cleaned on
Monday--but could not get it to focus--
did take some 'longer view' shots and did find lots of cats out and about--
all where black cats--thought that funny!!!
After coming back home and getting the camera book out and discovering which setting had been changed I also ran across how to format my chip and in the process of doing that and deleting all the old photos on it--I had forgotten that I had not down loaded those new photos so all photos of those black cats where gone--!!!
so was happy to see so many cats outside last night--
It is toooo hot and muggy for them to outside today though!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


When down at the end of the lake taking photos-
I run into a lot of dogs and dog owners--
here is a few that I have captured on film!!
Look closely to the bow of this boat just being launched--
a white dog is all excited cause he gets to go boating!!
this young gal is down here alot with her dog and dad--
and she has a Taylor Swift t-shirt on!!!
I think this dog wanted to come and give me a lick or two--
this doggie liked walking 'above' the stones--
these 2 are standard poodles and are sooo loveable--
I see them every evening down there--
we had one of these dogs in our neighborhood growing up and his name was Pat--
but this photo is one of my all time favorites so far this summer--
and this is the same doggie awake--

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Big boy camera did take me on a walk late yesterday and here is some of his wonderful views--

A neat car parked on main street--

In a garden down the street-
same garden-
and finally a better look inside the huge moon flowers at another garden--

and a wonderful and pretty sunset at the end of the lake--
and yes--yes--yes--
I will miss taking photos down at the lake when I move to Fl--
I did find out that I am the next one on the list for down there--
so really need to be sure I have done my downsizing--
girl friend came today and we loaded up her van with my rummage sale stuff--
as she is have a sale 1st part of August and will see what she can sell for me--
I did get all the closets finished yesterday--for the 3rd time--
still have more to resort though--
where does it all come from????
Smiles, di and missgracie

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I may be losing one of my favorite flower gardens to take photos--
it is only one block up the  street and a guy works it every summer who lives in one of the apts--
here is some I took last night--
He has huge moon flowers--
on both sides of his porch--
and he is also creative in how he designs and plants his flowers--
love his pink clematis-and I always get some great photos of these--
different colors of lily's--
there are surprise flowers everywhere in his garden--
I have talked to him off and on for a few years now--
but am worried that his garden days may be over--
and he is only 42--
you see he is sitting in jail today for a 'meth' lab and sales!!!
can't believe it--everyone says the same thing--
he is not one whom anyone expected to being this!!!!


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