Saturday, July 4, 2015


I have had flags on my mind for a week or more--
and will share some that I found on my walks around town--
First here is ours at the Jefferson in the back yard area--
this one fly's at the large hotel at the end of the lake--
I think this home is all ready for today!!
a really large one hanging on someone's porch-
found these in window boxes in front of a store--
this one is in the park at the end of the lake--

Don't eat too many hot dogs today!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. What a lovely patriotic post!

  2. Have a very Happy 4th July.....

  3. they are all amazing and beautiful. i have two favorites, the little house all decorated i would love to live in and that brick wall with the flower box and flag. gorgeous... your town is really pretty. thanks for stopping by and your comments. someone told me today that the Macy fireworks cost 6 million dollars

  4. Ha. No hotdogs for us on the 4th. My wife treated me to hot wings at Beef O'Bradies :)

  5. They sure are pretty in the window boxes. We had several on our street this week! Ours is flying! Sweet hugs, Diane


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