Tuesday, July 14, 2015


When down at the end of the lake taking photos-
I run into a lot of dogs and dog owners--
here is a few that I have captured on film!!
Look closely to the bow of this boat just being launched--
a white dog is all excited cause he gets to go boating!!
this young gal is down here alot with her dog and dad--
and she has a Taylor Swift t-shirt on!!!
I think this dog wanted to come and give me a lick or two--
this doggie liked walking 'above' the stones--
these 2 are standard poodles and are sooo loveable--
I see them every evening down there--
we had one of these dogs in our neighborhood growing up and his name was Pat--
but this photo is one of my all time favorites so far this summer--
and this is the same doggie awake--


  1. LOL! Is that what they mean by the dog days of summer??

  2. I love seeing all the dogs. We had an Irish Setter live near us too. I used to think he was so pretty.

  3. My pups are still tired today for their time playing at the dog beach yesterday. They had soooo much fun.

  4. all these pups gave me much joy to see them. i love dogs and would have done the same thing you did. i hope they get your camera fixed this time. i was mad with myself for sending it off for repair and paying 204 to repair it. hubby said don't, get a new camera. now i wait


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