Friday, July 3, 2015


I don't know if you remember me saying that I am knitting baby sweaters--
for a charity--
I had gotten some done, but was not sure how to attach the buttons for safety--
and then one of the gals who works over at the yarn shop said she knew a great way to do them--
and we 'finally' got together and now I have 4 sweaters completed--

This one I bought the yarn for and it was expensive!!!!
and this pattern is a top-down pattern and so easy to do--

and these next 3 are from cotton yarn that a friend gave me--
and this lavender one I pretty much did the same style--
and we put cat face buttons on it--

these last 2 I did a different hem style on them and really like it better--
the pink one has little butterfly buttons on it and the peach one had fish buttons!!
I have another one about done and it is yellow --
then have yarn for one more of this brand--
so I am knittin away!!

and I have decided to do another 'clean out'--and get rid of more--
to day I am working on my fabric stash once again--
already have 2 more boxes to give away--
and am not done yet--
I do not want a big stash anymore--
they keep coming out with so many pretty new colors and patterns of fabric--
but I don't feel 'good' about buying any of it because of the 'stash' I already have--
out with the 'older' prints and colors--
to make room for maybe newer colors!!!
Smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. Hi Di. The little sweaters are as cute as can be.I love the cat-faced buttons.You did a wonderful job.
    I made a bunch of little caps for a charity not too long ago. We have a group in my community that sews for the needy so I made a bunch of stuff for them and want to make some more things.My list seems to be twice as long as my time.LOL Big hug.

  2. Those are some sweet little sweaters! I love the first one! :0)

  3. Your little sweaters are adorable!!!! I hope you can find a group that would like your fabric for charity quilts. As I'm working with my scraps, I'm giving away some that I know I'll never use. And just think, you can always buy more!! :-)

  4. Good Morning and thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a nice comment. Yes it looks like we are in the same boat here. Major downsizing ... the very last time for us. I knew there was one more move left in me so this is it. We are selling just about everything in our home ... nothing will fit in our small apartment that we already have so we'll hopefully be having a moving sale when our home sells. We were lucky there was no waiting list here in Maine ... they just completed building this new complex and we were very lucky to be able to sign a lease right away. I wish you luck on your move and I think we will both do fine in our new "downsized" life. I'm truly looking forward to it but boy I don't know where all this "stuff" came from but I've gotta' get rid of it all. I love the baby sweaters you are knitting. They are so beautiful and how sweet that you are doing this for charity. How lucky those little newborns will be. You wouldn't want to sell one of them would you? I love the little pink one and I have been looking for a very special baby gift for a special friend and this would be perfect since she is about to give birth to a new baby girl. If you would be interested I would love to purchase the little pink one with the butterfly buttons ... it is so precious. I will send you a check and my address if you would like to sell it. Thanks again and Happy 4th of July.


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