Friday, August 7, 2015


Maybe you have all decided to come to Watkins Glen and the races this week end!!!
and if not--every body else in the world has decided to come--
town is full full full--
This is our 'big' NASCAR weekend--

But here is some quilt photos--
Anne's projects again--
what a pretty bright and cheery one-
Alice will love this one with all the purple--
the printed fabric with the purple in it is one I gave her!!
and this one has some of my handy work in it-
the birdhouse blocks are mine as is the angle one--and some of the fabrics came from my stash--
Anne sure is creative with my 'leftovers'!!!

Had to walk to the post office this morning--
and of course the camera went with me--
and this is a porch I seen on the way that I fell in love with!!
could of grabbed some quilting or knitting and just walked up on that porch and sat meself down and went to work !!!

Have my move date--or should I say that they called with a apartment move in date of Sept 11 th-
will be going down at least a week ahead of time as I am selling so much and the daughter and I will need to do some shopping----
so life just got busier and scarier for me!!
I have been working all week on getting some of my pile of quilt tops basted to backings and battings--and on the table now is the tall Christmas tree wall hanging I made last year--
hope to get that one done today--also--
got my first quilt back from the long arm lady and hope to get the binding stitched on that this week end--gotta do something while watching cars go around and around the track!!!
I am on my next to last block of the wool bom--so am stitchin right along these days!!

Hope everyone has a delightful week end with friends and family--
smiles, diandmissgracie


  1. Nice that you have a date to work towards Di, good luck with working through your pile of quilts!

  2. Lots of things to get secured before your big move. So very happy for you Di!

  3. goodluck with the big move..........sounds like a perfect time to stay home and sew if the town is chock full of visitors..........

  4. That porch does look very inviting! I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you came for some stitching. It is scary to be planning something so big, but You've been planning and working toward it for some time, so I'm sure it will be a smooth move. Let me know your address once you're moved in.

  5. Anne has done a wonderful job with the quilts. They are very pretty. I am so happy that you finally got a moving date. I know you must be excited, but it is very scary also. I think you are going to love it down there.I am sure every thing will go well. Have a great weekend!

  6. It is a scary as well as very exciting time for you too. Like Sunny don't forget to let us know your new addy...


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