Wednesday, September 9, 2015


The new apartment here in Florida--
finally got to see the actual apt----
I will be on the 3rd floor of a 4 story building and --
I am very happy to say that I am on the side facing the river--
and being up so high --
I have a wonderful-beautiful view of the river and landscaping around the Senior place--
and I am happy to say that the walls are not a pale yellow--
but a nice beige--
the only down side is--
the actual side of the apartment is--
downsized from what I had in NY--
much smaller--
but enough room for a nice living space--
this is  part of the sunset last night from my DD yard looking west--

we went shopping yesterday and I got my bed and box springs paid for--
now we just have to figure out how to get it to the new place-
they wanted too much for a delivery fee-and that did surprise me-
as I thought that just came with the purchase--
we bought things at thrift stores and they are delivering them--
yet the mattress place (most expensive purchase) does not?????

then we went to a large Walmart to shop for all kinds of things--
there was a storm coming and with not thinking my DD left the windows down a half inch--
and a storm did hit--
big time--
it poured and poured for nearly 2 hours--
and we a had a very wet car when we came out--

I will be off line all week end--
my new cable package and hook up will not be until Monday morning--
and the next couple days are to be busy ones--
so have a great few days will I am working on putting together my new 'digs'
smiles, di


  1. Sounds like you are making progress Di.. hope you get that bed in ok and good luvk with getting everything sorted.

  2. I am excited for your new beginning there in Florida! I can't wait to see pictures of your new place as you get it made into "home"!

  3. I am excited for your new beginning there in Florida! I can't wait to see pictures of your new place as you get it made into "home"!

  4. Enjoy your view of the river! When we were there, we were on the other side of the river, and got some nice sunSET pictures! I hope you'll be comfortable in a smaller space, since you didn't take much with you. Sounds like your DD has been very helpful in getting your ready for the final move.

  5. Exciting times! Glad you have a nice view. Looking forward to seeing how you decorate your new place :-)

  6. You will be settled soon in your new home.. Pleased you have a great view...

  7. It sounds like it will be an awesome place to live. I am so happy your daughter will be close by. She seems to be very helpful so maybe it won't be so hard on you.I am happy things are working out.Take care!


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