Friday, September 11, 2015


we got nearly everything moved and picked up or delivered today--
and the paper work done and keys gotten for my new 'digs'--
but I am still at the DD tonight--
the stuff they used to clean the carpet is really smelly--
so we did get me some lovely plants yesterday at a garden center and they are in there as well as 2 air purifying machines for the night with hopes that the air will be better for breathing tomorrow--

today we collected the new boxsprings and mattress,
my glider rocker and foot stool,
and all my boxes from the DD house--
my son did show up and did help with all of it and we had a good time--

and a store delivered the table and 4 chairs and head board and bed frame--
though I did make them take the first bed frame back and get me a different one!!!
and while waiting for newer bed frame me and kids just kicked back in the new place
and chilled and that was nice--I really like the new rocker!!
tomorrow the plan is for DD to take me grocery shopping and to walmart for some last minute items--and the rest of the stuff at her place and leave me at the new one--
DS will come late afternoon to help with hanging curtain rods, and putting together some things--
and I will stay there  tomorrow night--

I can not believe how friendly and helpful people are down here--
it is like a whole different world here--
I will tell you more on this in future posts--
I did take photos of the empty apt before we took anything in for you --
Even the sky and the clouds are sooo different--
remember I will be off line until Monday afternoon or so--
have a great week end--
and keep Smiling-di


  1. REality is setting in! Glad you had a good day with DD and DS. You should receive a little something from me on Monday!

  2. Nice for you to have your family nearby to help. Sounds like you are going to enjoy your new home :) take care now!

  3. Nice to have your DD and DS help with your move.. Looking forward to seeing your new home.

  4. I think my wife has caught me with that innocent look before.

  5. Welcome to the South. You are receiving what is known as Southern hospitality. I am so happy you are getting settled in.

  6. Welcome to the good ole south...hope you love your new home and settle in quickly...

  7. It took a long time - but I'm so happy for you Di. It's worth it isn't it?

  8. lol, moving is hard work. But I like the change. Love the last cake image. Made me smile :)


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