Sunday, September 20, 2015


I do have to say that I am tired of shopping--
it is mentally taxing--
like what kind of vacuum cleaner do I want--
and when I find what I want--
will it clean this thick carpet--
what about curtains--
what color of curtains will look right in here?????????????
Questions Questions Questions--
makes my head spin--
This wall hanging is on my new front door--
that was an easy decision--
or was it--
I think it is Fall now--
and I do know where the fall box is--
but I just can't bring myself to put out fall items!!
my excuse--it is too bright and sunny--how can it be fall????

when you come out my door and face south--
and looking north--
I see this wall when I get off the elevator on my 3rd floor--
and this is just as I get off and turn to go down the hall way to my door
there are sitting areas everywhere and nice wall decorations--

Last night after doing some more shopping I went to my daughters and we cooked my son a nice fresh salmon dinner as his 40th birthday was on Thursday and we had an ice cream cake for him--we played a couple games and chatted and it was so nice to have some family time--

well--I am off to watch last nights race this after noon before todays race comes on--
my DD has the tv set up to record all my shows so now I can watch them when I want to!!!
love it---
smiles, di


  1. It is very mind boggling when you first move into a new home Di but in a few weeks everything will be in place...
    How nice to be able to have dinner with your kids...

  2. I know you're loving having family time!! I'm not much of a shopper either. You mentioned something earlier about needing a new sewing machine??

  3. How nice to start settling in and to be around your family! I am so excited for you in your new surroundings!


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