Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I am home alone--
daughter had a doctor appt and I am waiting for the 2nd shipment of boxes-
this set is taking a long time getting here--but should be here today????

I am enjoying being here so far and today we went out and did some errands--
DD took me to a lady dr office who also has MCS and can't see patients if they wear anything scented
which I can't--so I fit right in and to see if they take 
 my insurance--
they take  one of them--so will have a co-pay--but need to start somewhere's so made an appt for later in Sept--but this long hall way that you have to walk down to get to her office about 'killed me' cause of the perfume smell in it--life is crazy sometimes--

and we went out to lunch--
this was my fruit plate, plus a bowl of cottage cheese and some crackers--

and this was the kids quiche--
and here is a sign we seen on the way out--
so--here is the smile for today--
smiles, di


  1. Now that's a fruit plate!!! Yummy. I hope your boxes arrive today, and in good shape. When do you move in to your new place? When can I come visit? LOL!

  2. The fruit salad looks delicious. I am happy that you are liking Florida. I bet it is totally different from what you have been use to, but I know you will love it after you are there for a while. I hope you receive the rest of your things and they are in good shape. I am looking forward to hearing about your new adventures. Take care.


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