Wednesday, September 2, 2015


The rest of my boxes came in late yesterday and I am happy to say they were in much better shape--and I only opened 2 boxes to check on things and then only one thing was broke--

When my daughter was in high school she went to a ceramics shop and she painted this for me--
and it has designs all around it--
how this never broke I will never know--
only the top was broke--
right in half--but will be an easy fix-
I am gifting this back to my daughter--as she needs to enjoy all the work she did in making it!!

and here is some of the pictures of my broken items--
and there was a bit more--these items where in different boxes and some were wrapped within boxes in the bigger boxes--oh well--life moves on!!



  1. Oh no! All those beautiful plates. :-( Once you get settled in, you'll have to change the email address linked to your blog. We're all getting messages that our comments can't be delivered. I'm assuming you can see the comments on your blog, but they're not being delivered to your inbox, because it's still set to your old email address.

    1. Thanks for telling me about this problem--hopefully I just fixed it--this computer are driving me crazy--but I am determined to master them!!

  2. Just checking to see if this goes to your inbox!!

  3. The jar is still gorgeous. Talented daughter. Bummer how badly they treat things that we put into their care. Love the puppy and kitten.


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