Monday, October 19, 2015


one of the things that has interested me in watching since I got here is--
the dragon flies--
they are everywhere--
just flyin here and there--

so now is this a small plane in the sky--
it sure looks like a helicopter, doesn't it????
but wait--
it is really just a --
a very large dragonfly!!
so they come in different sizes her--
from small to extra extra large!!

colors--look again at the first photo and the color of it and then this one--
they are really pretty things aren't they???

we have had some hard winds here for 2 days----but nice temps--high 70's-low 80's so I am not complaining!!!
smiles, di


  1. I've seen a few dragon flies that are as big as helicopters!!! I didn't see any this weekend though, but I did see some sleet! Too bad you don't live in NY, I could have come up for a couple of days while DH is away.

  2. Isn't helicopters their true name??? ha Watching nature is always so entertaining!

  3. dragons are right up there with bees and flutterbys

  4. We have a lot here too, and I love watching them.


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