Friday, October 23, 2015


I have received 2 lovely packages this week in the mail--
the first one is from--
and a wonderful blog friend by the name of Raewyn-
and this is what she sent me--
2 generous samples of what she uses behind her embroidery work for me to try--
and yesterday I did buy an iron so now I can try these out over the week end--
Thank you so very much Raewyn--

and then yesterday another package came--
this one is from--
and my dear friend Maria--
and this is what she sent me--
a pretty wall hanging and a neat card--
How pretty is this???
this is Jenny's Vintage Kitchen bom--
I did start the series, but did them on dish towels and sent them to others--
and I do have the perfect place to hang this--
once I get the new iron out of the box and heated up so I can iron the creases out of this from the shipping--up she will go--
Thank you so much Maria!!

and as a side note here--
My DD brought me a package that came in her mail box this week--
it had some NY mail in it--
mostly about the moving change--
but there was 4 large Vanity Fair magazines in the package--
and they do have my name and address on the label--
But I have no idea why I am getting them--
I sure never ordered them--hummmmm?????


  1. have fun using the backing fabric Raewyn sent you...
    Love that diet plan.... LOL

  2. Raewyn and Maria are both so sweet! Sounds like the postman has been pretty good to you lately.

  3. Good to see the package safely at your place Di ♥ Love the hanging from Maria, how kind she is - a lovely housewarming gift!


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