Sunday, October 25, 2015


This is the hand quilting project that I am working on right now--
Remember the 6 1/2 foot paper pieced tree that I sewed together last fall--???
I am actually getting it hand quilted this year--
can you make out that this is a snowflake stencil???
I am at least 2/3 the way done with the body of the tree--
but got lots of stitching yet to do--
try to stitch 2 snowflakes each day--

and here is the sunrise this morning--
how golden is this!!

and I have been having problems with the spots on the photos again--
ever since I got here--and they have gotten worse--
stupid me did try this morning to clean the camera --
and you can guess what happened--
it is worse than ever--so my not be able to do photos until it goes into the shop for another $50 cleaning--crazy--do all camera's have this problem or just mine???
Smiles, di


  1. Love the snowflake stencil you are using! It's going to be beautiful.

  2. Your tree will look great! Isn't it nice that we have so many interests that we can still find plenty to do even without a sewing machine? Love that deer picture - I saw it on Facebook earlier.

  3. never saw a twilight that wasn't beautiful :O)

  4. It's going to be a gorgeous tree Di! What a beautiful photo of the sunrise. I'm so glad you are enjoying your new home.


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