Friday, October 2, 2015


wondering where all the colorful leaves are???
that's right I now live in the sunshine state and we don't have colorful fall leaves here--

I have been busy though--
I know why I don't read or do puzzles in my apartment???
cause once I start a book or a puzzle I do nothing else until they are finished--
the book I read was--
really good and once I started it I had it read in about 30 hours--course there was eating an sleeping time included in that time--
and then I started this puzzle this week--
this is a large 3 foot puzzle so am glad that I got a table with an extra leaf--
have a lot more done on it since these photos but am not done yet--
Here is a momma racoon that they say has babies near by--
she is under the dock going down to the sitting area over the river--

have had a busy week here--
***I made it to all 3 exercise classes this week
***Tues afternoon I learned how to play Bunco and had a ball doing that
***Tues night was Bingo night --no wins for me!!!
***Thurs morning I had blood work done with my DD whom had to have some done too--
then we went out to breakfast and to get my FL ID card done--but did not have the right paper--but after a quick trip here and then back we did get that done--( was $32 here--only was $10 in NY!!)
then we did some shopping--
***after exercise class, today, I went back down to the community room to hear a talk about skin cancer--
Yep--life here is much busier and there is alot to do --
oh and yes--
there is still photos to take---
here is one of an eagle--
taken from the dock--
and here is one of the sunset last night--

Hope everyone has a great week end-
smiles, di


  1. You go girl! Love that you're keeping so busy and trying out all that's available to you there. My Mom played Bunco, and I think my sister still does. It's not as popular around here. It's getting chilly here, and we're getting a lot of rain. I hope you're enjoying all your sunshine.

  2. Glad you are having fun! The sun is shining today, but autumn colours are spreading fast now. Hugs

  3. Sew nice to see you are settling into your new home and keeping busy..
    Cute Racoon.

  4. My pups go nutzzzzzzzzzzz when a raccoon comes into our yard!


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