Saturday, November 7, 2015


I am coming along nicely on my hexie Christmas wreath--
I have all the hexies embroidered and I used a gold variegated for the main letters--
and that does not show up as pretty as it really is--
I now have all the paper hexie's ready to stitch unto the backs of this and some smaller hexagons that will go into this hanging later this afternoon while watching some racing--
this morning I did alot of prep work on some Christmas gifts--
so that will keep me busy for awhile--
and I am happy to say that I am probably at least 3/4ths of the way done on the hand quilting on my Christmas tree!!!

and in the mail I finally got the other quilt that was still in NY being long armed quilted--
I really wasn't happy when I got this one back--I had asked for very loose stitching--
I don't like so much stitching in each block--I like the open look and I guess that is why I do so much hand quilting--but--
it is probably my fault--I should of picked out the design for the long armer like I did that basket one with the large dragon flies on it--
I did have alot of work in this one again and it has just sat as a top for several years--
now I can just put the binding on it and use it and enjoy it!!

And now for the new toys--
for my camera--
got a new mirco lens and the hood cap to try--
ordered them when I decided to try learning to clean my sensors in the camera--
can't afford to send it out every other month to be cleaned--
played with the mirco one last night--
and I do believe that I can see a difference!!
it even found me --
a pretty rainbow to photo!!!!!
Have a wonderful week end--
smiles, di


  1. A lovely quilt, Di. I do agree with you on the stitching being done on quilts these days - beautiful work, but can often take the focus from the work done on the quilt top itself.
    Looking forward to more photos!

  2. I'm sorry the quilting isn't what you hoped for, but it is a beautiful quilt! I sent off a pillow to be 'finished' one time, and was so disappointed when I got it back..... It was cross stitch, and I'm sure I'll stitch it again some time. :-( Have fun playing with your new toys. That's a beautiful rainbow you found.

  3. Your hexie project is super cute :-) What a shame you aren't happy with your quilt - it really is beautiful and hopefully you can come to love it again and use it :-) Have fun with your new camera toys!!


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