Sunday, December 27, 2015


Congratulations  one all--
we made it through the Christmas of 2015--
And I realized that this was the first Christmas since 1989 that me and my 2 kids where together for it--about 25 years--where did those years go???
why did it take us so long??
Part of those years was because of my kids partners at the time--
but mostly it was because the last 20 of those I lived in the north and the kids where in the south--and when they did come to visit me--it was always summer time--
( daughters tree)
We had a nice dinner and I even baked my southern dressing for the meal--and there was lots of leftovers--which is my supper for tonight!!!
And I think I did well with my gifts for them not really knowing their interests or likes and dislikes--the first thing they each got was towels--
yep--towel set--
I bought some of these when I first got here and just love mine--they are sooo soft--
and I wanted to share that with the kids--
here is my son's gifts--
Can you tell his favorite color???
and here is the daughters--
and they both loved the towels as both said they were in need of some new ones--
and they both loved their new shirts--
and each got a watch--my son's was a pocket watch and he was excited about that said he never had a pocket watch before and I got them both silver ones--
and here is a funny part--I never have been a gold person--even my wedding ring back in 1967 had to be silver--never talked about it with the kids--but guess what--they both prefer silver too--Isn't that crazy???
Here is what I got from them-
Now where did Miss Susie come from--???
we tried out the Rack-o game after all the gifts where done!!

Smiles, di


  1. Oh my, your DD and DS look a LOT like you! It looks like Santa was pretty nice at your house. I think it's wonderful that you all get to spend some time together now.

  2. Fabulous that you were all together after all this time - sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves! Seems like it was a good move for you!

  3. How wonderful that after all that time, you were able to be together. That had to be the best gift ever. So glad you are closer to them now. Nola

  4. I am sew happy your were able to spend Christmas with your daughter and son this year...
    You bought them beautiful gifts and you received great ones too.


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