Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I got it finished and hung up
even put up the curtain rods all by myself--
First is the finished Christmas tree--
Now I just have to decide how to decorate it-
do have an idea or two--time will tell--
I really am amazed that this got totally finished!!!

And I hung a curtain rod in my foyer--
I made this quilt a couple years ago and it is still my favorite one!!
love seeing it hanging in the foyer!!

and here is the tree--
I used a old wood coat hanger for a hanger for the cards--
only problem is--I have more cards now and need someplace to hang them up??

And I did get this one done--

And some more packages have  come in the mail and now under the tree--
Got 2 more yesterday--but no photos--
so it is beginning to look at like Christmas at my house--
Smiles, di


  1. Merry Christmas Di! Thank you so much for the beautiful presents.

  2. I opened my gifts this morning, and I LOVE them! You are so clever. I've made several little gifts from Michelle's designs, but yours is definitely the most original. And, I didn't have one for myself. Thanks! Your house really is starting to look like Christmas. When I commented on your other blog, I don't think the email went through to you. Merry Christmas!!


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