Sunday, January 31, 2016


Sometimes we have plans for what we want to  get done in a day--
then something comes up and we have to leave our "to-do-lists"
and just go and have some fun--
My daughter called about 1:00 yesterday and said,
'put your walking shoes on and meet me downstairs"
so like a 'dutiful' mom--I did--just threw on the shoes and grabbed the purse and a bottle of water and out the door I went--
Our first stop was at
Renninger's flea market--
we did alot of walking--seen alot--
and we each bought one 'treasure'--
I bought this--
a new purse--
and it was only $10--I have been looking for something new--
but most purses are way tooo big or a bit too small for me--
I can also put my  big camera in this one as I couldn't my old purse--
and I love that it has the water bottle holder on the outside!!
the daughter got a pretty lacy white top--

then we went up the road a bit to the new animal control shelter--
Oh my what a nice new place that was--lots of dogs--and unfortunately they were almost all the same type of dog--no collies, German shepherds or anything of the kind--just bull/pit dog types!!
and about a dozen cats!!

then we went here--
Red Robins for some supper--
and yes they do make a delicious burger and fries--
I do have to say that I have eaten more beef and bread since I moved here, than in the last 2-3 years in NY--!!!bad girl!!
and then we went to Walmart to do a bit of shopping and to walk off that burger--and we needed to walk it off, toooo!!

So--where am on my list--
not sure-
but here is where I am on some projects--
On the Orchid quilt blocks--
another block is complete --
and the last block is started--
here is the pattern--

The first 2 blocks of this quilt are now all prepped and I did decide and cut the background fabric this morning for them--so now to get to stitching on these--this is a basket quilt--

and I picked out the threads and fabric for January and Feb blocks for this counted cross stitching project--so it is ready to start--
and I forgot to show you the fabric that I picked for the back of my word quilt--

and here is all the wool blocks --
and I have decided to use flannel for the lattice and borders on this quilt--
so I guess I need to go do some online shopping--

Have a great day with some
love and laughter, di

Friday, January 29, 2016


You say you finished that list you published yesterday--
but I did make a project from start to basically finish since yesterday--
and it was not on the list--forgot to list it!!

My word--or rather my words for 2016 are--
Love and
as many of you know who read this blog know that is the way I have been signing off this month--
I do believe that we all need much more-
in our lives, whether from families, pets, or friends or just blog friends--
and we most certainly need more--
in our lives on a daily basis--
I wrote out the letters, myself yesterday and last night stitched them onto the background--
this morning I found a single charm pack and it was just right for this quilt--it is called Avalon--then I quickly stitched it all together and found batting and backing and binding and put it all together--
I did some machine stitching on it instead of my usual hand quilting cause over on you will see that she has a word challenge for January and I only had 2 days left to get it made--so it will be a wall hanging or on the outside door hanging here in the hall way--

I did also get the last block of the Buttermilk Basin bom for last year finished-
will try to remember tomorrow to take a photo of all 12 blocks together--
think I will use flannel for the lattice and borders--but need to go shopping first--

the sun is out today--but I took this photo yesterday during some rain-
I love these large birds--they are soo easy to photograph and I can take their photos from my bedroom window!!

well--there is more on that list for me to work on--
so better get going--
love and laughter, di

Thursday, January 28, 2016


First we have been having alot of rain here--
but I enjoy watching it fall on the pond--
I had a surprise visit from my daughter yesterday, late morning--
I was downstairs and was just starting to do wii bowling with 2 other ladies when she came in--
so I left and the 2 ladies took turns playing for me--I learned later that I had won with 220 --
that was great--and they did a great job for me-better than if I had actually played!!

and the daughter brought me a gift--
a new mouse--this one is house broke and does not get into the cupboards and nibble on the crumbs--
I just love it-it is smaller than the one I had and the 'on' button is not so 'touchy' as my last one--it really was a pain to use--

and I got 4 more blocks of the wool quilt bom finished in the last 2 days--
I love this block==I used to collect the green old glass canning jars-but could not bring them with me--so this is a nice reminder of them--
and this one is neat as I love bird houses--
I like how this block came out too--
I used wool for the backgrounds on all these blocks too--
I had some large pcs from wool clothing items that I had purchased in the thrift stores up north--
but doubt I will find any wool clothes in Florida in the thrift stores--???

I have a big list to things that I want to do yet--
yep-yet the month of January--and I only have 3 1/2 days left--
wonder if I will make it!! a book--'girl on the train'--am on chapter3!!!
2.put together a 750 pc puzzle still in the box
3.finish the wool block
4.finish the last 2 applique blocks on the orchid quilt
5.get the first two blocks prepped  on Piece and Plenty bom month
6.get the first block stitched on the Piece and Plenty
7.get the Jan block on the new counted cross stitch bom stitched--
  from the Snowflower Diaries
8.and I need to do a Christmas gift for the box for 2016???
and I am sure I am missing something here--
now I can do this list--if I don't eat, sleep or do computer work--
but what fun would that be????

Love and Laughter, di

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Like I said--
even though I am in Florida now--
it is cold here, right now--
so wool work is good in keeping my hands nice and warm--
can't wait for Strawberry time here--
it is nearly time and they are really tasty here--
and this is the rabbit one I designed for the March space--
Here is all that are stitched so far--
am half way done on another one and the rest of them all prepped and matched up with wool thread--soooo--maybe!!!  though the lattice is done with 1 inch half square triangles--and I need to start working on them--that will be fun to do??????

And here is a picture of the quilt that I am working on --
with hand quilting--when it gets really chilly like it was Sunday here--
I just cover my lap with large quilt and stitch away--

Love and Laughter, di

Monday, January 25, 2016


remind me why foundation piecing is not my favorite thing!!!
and why does it look like it will take 'little' pieces of fabric--
but it really doesn't--
I did make a dress this morning--
do you think it will fit me???

on someones blog post for their color of the month project they did a dress--
using this pattern--
so I bought and downloaded the pattern--
but I am confused about the pattern sizes--
so this is going to be an adventure for sure!!
I am pretty sure that
is where I seen this--love her blue dress!!

and I got some more wool blocks done--
and matched up the thread today for the next 3 blocks--
so we are rolling right along on this one--

and Now this little hanging is all done--
Thanks Anne for the kit for Christmas--

And I am in trouble already--
but then I always get into trouble in January --
along with some of you--
we find so many bom's that we want to do--
My count is about 7 or so--so far--
what is your count!!

and here is a neat photo that I took from the bedroom window Saturday night--
and here is another one
how yellow and golden is this full moon???

well--gotta get back to work--
love and laughter to all--di

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Progress is a good thing--right??
so here is what I worked on the last couple days--
this will be my January block--
just 9 more blocks to go--
oh--I stitched on the carrot nose before--
I did the band on the hat and then the scarf--
had to undo the nose to sew on the scarf--then restitch it!!

And here is block 4 of the Orchid blocks--
now just have 2 more blocks to applique--
and they are both prepped--though I did have to recut the background for the next block as I seem to have cut it too large--but that is way better than too small as I don't have any of the background fabric left --
Here is the 3 blocks that I did some time ago--like 3-4 years ago I think--
I think this quilt is more Florida looking so will be nice to have it finished!!

It is very chilly and very very windy here today--so it is a good day to get under a quilt and hand quilt on it for awhile--at least it sounds like a plan--but first I must do my walk (inside) and go down and see if I have any mail--I really miss Christmas and getting alot of mail--cards, letters and packages!!!
Have a great day filled with love and laughter, di

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


So I got into the wool--
I decided I wanted to work on the wool bom from Buttermilk Basin  for last year--
as I had gotten 2 of them done--
so I spent 2 days working on them--
first was tracing all the patterns unto freezer paper--
then working to find large enough wool pcs for the block background of 10x6 inches--
and this morning it was getting all those small pieces cut out and ironed on to the wool--
here is all 10 blocks all prepped and packaged ready for me to match to wool thread and to stitch--
I designed one new block--had to have a rabbit block--right???
and will be moving one block to a different location on the final quilt top--
so I now have lots of work cut out for me--literally!!!
the pineapple block is one I am moving--it will be my "November" block--
and the mitten snowman will be my January block--
and now look at the table--
so now I can set the sewing machine back up and do some sewing--
have this one ready to finish--
this was a little gift kit from my friend Anne up north!!
and did you notice that I did not have to cut into this package--

though I will have to one of these days as I do have a project for Easter in mind using these--
mostly the colors in the other wool project were more muted country colors!!

and Yes--it really has gotten colder here now they say we are about 15 degrees colder than normal--so we have also gone from one extreme to the other--first we set heat records all fall now it is lower than normal cold temps--but hey at least the sun is shinning each day!!!
Love and Laughter, di

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