Thursday, January 28, 2016


First we have been having alot of rain here--
but I enjoy watching it fall on the pond--
I had a surprise visit from my daughter yesterday, late morning--
I was downstairs and was just starting to do wii bowling with 2 other ladies when she came in--
so I left and the 2 ladies took turns playing for me--I learned later that I had won with 220 --
that was great--and they did a great job for me-better than if I had actually played!!

and the daughter brought me a gift--
a new mouse--this one is house broke and does not get into the cupboards and nibble on the crumbs--
I just love it-it is smaller than the one I had and the 'on' button is not so 'touchy' as my last one--it really was a pain to use--

and I got 4 more blocks of the wool quilt bom finished in the last 2 days--
I love this block==I used to collect the green old glass canning jars-but could not bring them with me--so this is a nice reminder of them--
and this one is neat as I love bird houses--
I like how this block came out too--
I used wool for the backgrounds on all these blocks too--
I had some large pcs from wool clothing items that I had purchased in the thrift stores up north--
but doubt I will find any wool clothes in Florida in the thrift stores--???

I have a big list to things that I want to do yet--
yep-yet the month of January--and I only have 3 1/2 days left--
wonder if I will make it!! a book--'girl on the train'--am on chapter3!!!
2.put together a 750 pc puzzle still in the box
3.finish the wool block
4.finish the last 2 applique blocks on the orchid quilt
5.get the first two blocks prepped  on Piece and Plenty bom month
6.get the first block stitched on the Piece and Plenty
7.get the Jan block on the new counted cross stitch bom stitched--
  from the Snowflower Diaries
8.and I need to do a Christmas gift for the box for 2016???
and I am sure I am missing something here--
now I can do this list--if I don't eat, sleep or do computer work--
but what fun would that be????

Love and Laughter, di


  1. Love the wool on wool blocks, they are beautiful :)

  2. Wow - you must be stitching in your sleep! And that list of things yet to get done is quite impressive. Let me know if you read that book. It's one of the few that I didn't finish once I'd started. Just couldn't get into it. Get the rain out of there before we come south!!!

  3. Love your wool blocks--so cute!!! If you finish that list of yours by the end of the month, you will put all of us to shame. Have fun trying!!!

  4. I love puzzles! But if I start on one nothing else gets done!


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