Friday, January 29, 2016


You say you finished that list you published yesterday--
but I did make a project from start to basically finish since yesterday--
and it was not on the list--forgot to list it!!

My word--or rather my words for 2016 are--
Love and
as many of you know who read this blog know that is the way I have been signing off this month--
I do believe that we all need much more-
in our lives, whether from families, pets, or friends or just blog friends--
and we most certainly need more--
in our lives on a daily basis--
I wrote out the letters, myself yesterday and last night stitched them onto the background--
this morning I found a single charm pack and it was just right for this quilt--it is called Avalon--then I quickly stitched it all together and found batting and backing and binding and put it all together--
I did some machine stitching on it instead of my usual hand quilting cause over on you will see that she has a word challenge for January and I only had 2 days left to get it made--so it will be a wall hanging or on the outside door hanging here in the hall way--

I did also get the last block of the Buttermilk Basin bom for last year finished-
will try to remember tomorrow to take a photo of all 12 blocks together--
think I will use flannel for the lattice and borders--but need to go shopping first--

the sun is out today--but I took this photo yesterday during some rain-
I love these large birds--they are soo easy to photograph and I can take their photos from my bedroom window!!

well--there is more on that list for me to work on--
so better get going--
love and laughter, di


  1. Wonderful little quilt and helps us to remember what is important. I agree the world would be a better place with a little more love and laughter. Great feeling when you can start and finish up a project in a day.

  2. Great job on the Love and Laughter! It want' even on your list and it's already a finish. You go girl!!

  3. Love your little wall quilt. Those are two of my favorite words and I agree we need more laughter and to love a little more. I'm amazed at how quickly you put this together. It really turned out lovely. Nola


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