Monday, January 11, 2016


on finally decorating this new apartment--
and this morning I got this stitchery that I finished off last year framed--
and it now shares a space with these other counted cross stitch pieces--
this is the corner of the dinning room area--
this is at the other end of that wall--
I have always wanted a bulletin board and now I have one right by my chair!!
the photo on the wall is one I took of here outside a couple weeks ago and had a free coupon from a photo shop near here for a 8x10 and picked it to have done up--do love it!!
and I really like how this wall came out-this is the wall between the hallway and kitchen--
this is part of the corner by the tv and computer in the corner of the living room--
and though it does not look like Florida to me--I do like the way it came out--
I am just having a hard time decorating with my country stuff here in Florida this time--
when I moved here 26 years ago I loved and kept my country look--but this time it just doesn't feel right????
I did more--will show more tomorrow--
in the meantime--
I got this ready for the words--when I can decide on which words I want to embroider on them --which I want to do this afternoon-so I best get to deciding!!
and I got the back and batting already for it so I can baste it and hand quilt it as soon as those words are on!!!

Weather update--
it is finally quite chilly here--but the sun is out and shinning brightly and that makes one always feel warmer and better!!!

Love and Laughter, di


  1. Your framed cross stitch is beautiful and your home looks great the way you have decorated the walls. I agree country wouldn't look good. It's sew nice to have a fresh change in a new home...
    Enjoy your stitching on the hearts...

  2. I love all your cross stitch pieces... my decorating style is to surround myself with the stuff I love no matter what anyone else thinks. Your place is a reflection of your talent and that is wonderful!

  3. I have to agree with Carol. Surround yourself with what you love. You can always add a little or change a little as you go. I thought your style was a little bit country and a lot cottage style. THrow in some shells and it will all work out. Which side of the river are you on? Ocean side, or inland?


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