Tuesday, January 19, 2016


So I got into the wool--
I decided I wanted to work on the wool bom from Buttermilk Basin  for last year--
as I had gotten 2 of them done--
so I spent 2 days working on them--
first was tracing all the patterns unto freezer paper--
then working to find large enough wool pcs for the block background of 10x6 inches--
and this morning it was getting all those small pieces cut out and ironed on to the wool--
here is all 10 blocks all prepped and packaged ready for me to match to wool thread and to stitch--
I designed one new block--had to have a rabbit block--right???
and will be moving one block to a different location on the final quilt top--
so I now have lots of work cut out for me--literally!!!
the pineapple block is one I am moving--it will be my "November" block--
and the mitten snowman will be my January block--
and now look at the table--
so now I can set the sewing machine back up and do some sewing--
have this one ready to finish--
this was a little gift kit from my friend Anne up north!!
and did you notice that I did not have to cut into this package--

though I will have to one of these days as I do have a project for Easter in mind using these--
mostly the colors in the other wool project were more muted country colors!!

and Yes--it really has gotten colder here now they say we are about 15 degrees colder than normal--so we have also gone from one extreme to the other--first we set heat records all fall now it is lower than normal cold temps--but hey at least the sun is shinning each day!!!
Love and Laughter, di


  1. yep...supposed to be 38 in the morning here in Tampa. I worked in the yard today without getting heat stroke. It was wonderful.

  2. What a clean table!!! I hope you push the cold weather out to sea before we head to Florida in a couple of weeks. I love your little hearts.

  3. Yay! Your wool blocks look so pretty! That is the cutest BOM from Buttermilk Basin. Her designs are charming.

  4. The tiny hearts sure are sweet. I like working with wool too although it's not nearly as cold here. Enjoy your week and your quilting! Hugs, Diane

  5. cold weather is good for eating grits. hope you got some today. i agree the hearts are really sweet and i love the colors and the colors of your blog


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