Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Like I said--
even though I am in Florida now--
it is cold here, right now--
so wool work is good in keeping my hands nice and warm--
can't wait for Strawberry time here--
it is nearly time and they are really tasty here--
and this is the rabbit one I designed for the March space--
Here is all that are stitched so far--
am half way done on another one and the rest of them all prepped and matched up with wool thread--soooo--maybe!!!  though the lattice is done with 1 inch half square triangles--and I need to start working on them--that will be fun to do??????

And here is a picture of the quilt that I am working on --
with hand quilting--when it gets really chilly like it was Sunday here--
I just cover my lap with large quilt and stitch away--

Love and Laughter, di

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